Synthesis Universe - Story Episode 00 - (PC)

Story is the first release within Synthesis Universe.
It is a succession of musical sequences all linked through a central hub.
It is not a game, even if the world is aware of your actions.
Expect a unique level of immersion, no menu or text, pure true VR interactions.
Each sequence is a story moment, inspired by the structure of the music. Every note, every beat is alive and surround you.
Welcome to Synthesis Universe.

Please note:
-Please be advised that users with low-end AMD graphics cards may experience performance issues.
-Better experienced standing up.
-Take your time.
-Main Story loop has no Hands/Motion controller usage.
-After having done the Story loop, 3 new rooms will open from the main menu hub:
-The Timeline room: Replay sequences + a new track from Episode X (Fragment Memory 01)
-The Building room: Watch a Robot being built.
-The Training room: Meditation?

Key & button:
M: Toggle screen mirror mode ON/OFF
Dual Analog stick click: Recenter/reorient view.
Esc: Quit





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