Liquid Space (PC)

Liquid Space
Ever wanted to play with liquids in space like the astronauts?
Liquid Space lets you interact with ultra-realistic liquids in zero gravity on the international space station.

Select different liquids
Interact with the liquids using your VR controllers. Push it, capture it, split it, throw it.
Create amazing psychedelic liquids.
Watch the fantastic patterns as surface tension and real physics forces transmogrify these amorphous masses.
Watch as it collides with the walls and space station equipment.
Liquid Space is a fun simple simulation experience. Great for learning and teaching about space, or just tinkering with for fun.

In the past you could only achieve this level of interactive fluid realism using a super computer. Now you can experience this fantastic interactivity in virtual reality like never before!







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Diciembre 10, 2019

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