ENHANCE contains a collection of games that will help you improve your cognitive skills:

MEMORY WALL is a game designed to train your working memory and spatial recall sills. Try and see if you can remember!

REACT is designed to train your flexibility and attention skills. The goal is to make you more proficient in executing your ability to quickly shift attention from one task to another. Act as fast as you can think!

HIDE AND SEEK is designed to train your spatial orientation skills, specifically your auditory spatial cognition. Get better at localizing the source of a sound. Use your ears to find the Robot!
… And we are working on more games to improve other areas of your brain!

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS and check your brain’s abilities with helpful charts.

Start working out your brain today and get lifetime access to ENHANCE updates!

*By playing this game you will be contributing to our research on brain training and mental health!







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