Battle Sorcerers (PC)

『Battle Sorcerers』 is an online magic battle action game.
Devise unique magics and tactics to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world!
The power of creation lies within your hands.

# Features

- 1 vs 1 battles between sorcerers.
Use your superb reflexes and tactics to win online battles!

- Immerse yourself in various tactical gameplay with easy controls.
Throw the available magic elements to cast them, or merge them into even more powerful magics.

- You can merge magics in the lobby anytime to use them.
Practice magic for greater challenges and devise your own unique tactics.

- You can request 1 vs 1 battles to your friends.

- Up to 5 sorcerers can fight each other simultaneously in a battle royale mode.
Survive the brutal fights to gain victory.


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G1 Playground



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