Synthesis Universe -Episode 00- (PC)

Welcome to Synthesis Universe - Story -

Story is the first release within Synthesis Universe.
It is an introduction, succession of musical sequences all linked through a central hub.
It is not a game, even if the world is aware of your actions.
Expect a unique level of immersion, no menu or text, pure true VR interactions.
Each sequence is a story moment, inspired by the structure of the music. Every note, every beat is alive and surround you.
Welcome to Synthesis Universe.

Episode 00 is about you, who are you in that story.
It contains 4 main sequences, built around a Hub and a Timeline room (That opens after the first run).
It's a hybrid between traditional movie story telling, music video and game, all happening in real time using Unreal Engine 4.

Important notes:
No guns, no violence: enjoy it the way you want: for the music, for the visual, for it's unique immersion or for the story, looking everywhere for all the details that make this world alive. Not everything will be obvious and in your face, everything has a reason to be here.

This is not a puzzle game, nor an exploration game, no locomotion.
It's all about the story and how it is told through musical sequences and unique visual.

CAUTION: Built entirely for VR:
As a true 360 musical experience, Standing strongly recommended, 360 necessary sometimes.
(Playing seated is possible but not optimal)

Can be played just standing up, with very limited play space!
Minimum room scale play space: 1.5m2 or 10feet2 is ok. (User standing up with regular arm use)
Try to go off bounds!

Mostly gaze activated, the motion controllers are not much used in Episode 00

Play time is about 30 minutes, but time is not limited.
No save game, each time you start is like the first start, so it's possible for you to share this experience among your friends and family.

Watch the trailer for a dive into the Universe and music style.

Key and button in game:
M: Toggle screen mirror mode ON/OFF
Analog stick click: Recenter/reorient view.
Esc: Quit







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