Explosion Magic Firebolt VR (PC)

A world where some human beings are born with magical aptitude.
Humans who can use magic were to be forced to belong to the United Nations Magical Organization.
The agency was tasked with defeating evil spirits and maintaining the world order.
A talented but lazy senior wizard, Megumi,
I worked for demons today.
I really want to stay at home.

The stage is an old Western-style building that has been warped with transfer magic.
Since multiple evil spirits have settled down, getting rid of with explosion magic
This is the mission.

1.Title of work
"Explosion magic fire bolt!"

2.Game overview
Initially, the player is in a small room.
Players can set language , movement type and difficulty level at this room.
Also, there are demons for practice so you can practice Firebolt.
Keep pulling the trigger on both hands and release it to warp to the Western building.
The game starts from there.
The time limit is 10 minutes and the life is 3.
If you hit an evil spirit, your life will be reduced by one and you will be returned to the first room.
Please warp again and resume the game.

3.Method of operation
Move --- Touch the trackpad on the left controller(Click the trackpad to move the step)
Camera rotation --- Click the left and right trackpad of the right controller
Firebolt --- Pull the trigger of the right controller and stand still in a swinging state.
When blue light comes out, swing the right controller toward the evil spirit.
The fire bolt is activated after about 1 second.
Warp --- Pull the left and right controller triggers simultaneously and release them after a certain time.
Quit the game --- Click the left controller system menu or the QUIT icon in the first room


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