Suka's Escape (PC)

Suka Solvepuzzeler seems to only have two real talents in life, solving escape rooms and getting into ever more improbable situations. Relive some of his most daring escapes and most improbable circumstances using this ultra advanced software that will in no way ever turn against you in the final story arc.

We follow the worlds leading escape room expert as he gets suckered in to one situation after another of increasing improbability and general ridiculousness. Learn the secrets of the Mob-Bert family, the true escape room meanings of several prominent holidays and in time many more unusual situations.

Do to the unreliability of Suka's memories [his brain was in quite the state when we harvested them for this museum piece] clues and puzzles are known to change slightly from experience to experience. Some users have reported that the neural matrix will even try and adjust for inconsistency's between scenarios leading to ..... unusual results.


Flying Escape Kick Studios



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Octubre 29, 2019

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