Coffin Rot Brewing Co. (PC)

You pick up where your no-name, no-face, good-for-nothing father left off. Doomed to an eternity of serving grog and staving off the army of the undead is all you have ever known during your miserable existence. No sense of time passing or age gained - just you and your bar. Any sense of greed or fortune will inevitably come crashing down.

Ever since your predecessor dug up what should have stayed buried to build this rotten tavern, bad luck befell this lineage. This place was built by the very same waterlogged caskets that once held your sleeping enemies. They return once again to destroy the sole thing that keeps this place breathing - your worth of weight in gold. It is up to you to work against the curse that your father passed down, and restore the glory that once was Coffin Rot Brewing Co.
FeaturesServe: Slinging spirits to your ghostly patrons will pile high your savings. Protect this gold at all cost - without it, your existence on this corporeal plane will cease to continue.
Shoot: Blasting skellies spawned from the graves of the necromantic horde is key to keeping your pub open. They're driven purely by greed, so defend your booty!
Compete: As you rack up combos and kills, your score will increase dramatically. Compete against your fellow freebooters to earn the title of the highest-ranking bartender.
Collect: Hoarding blood diamonds will rack up permanent rewards for the rest of the bar. Rare imports of pistols, blunderbusses, and other crude gadgets will be reaped as part of the undead reward.
Immerse: With a full range of motion behind the counter, your role as a bartender doomed to serve for eternity will be easy to fill!


Acción Casual indie


Nooner Bear Studio



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Octubre 25, 2019

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