Reality Blender (PC)

RealityBlender allows you to see your surroundings on a 2D overlay inside your VR headset!

Use camera feeds and Chroma key to blend your surrounding environment into VR and create a mixed reality allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.
Perfect for cockpit based games such a space, racing, and flight simulation where VR has greatly increased immersion at the expense of seeing your cockpit and controls.

Purchasing the Image FX DLC will give you access to real time effects including Chroma keying. Using this technique allows you to mask out the background of your cockpit making it transparent in VR unblocking your view of the virtual world while still allowing you to see your hands and controls.

The limit backdrop feature allows you to position a backdrop in virtual space that corresponds to your real world green screen and only show this area in VR making it possible to have an unobstructed 360 degree view in VR without having to completely surround yourself with green screen!

Currently in Early Access Reality Blender is only compatible with games while run in SteamVR/OpenVR mode.







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