Grid Clash VR (PC)

Your primary goal in this team based multiplayer game is to shoot the ball through the opposing teams goal ring. To stop the opponents you can slice them with discs you can spawn at any time. In short you could describe this game as mixture of basketball and dodge ball (but with discs) in arenas full with obstacles and hiding places.

This game is build around a very advanced "run in place" motion system that translates your movement into virtual movement. Ideally after some time in the game and getting used to the system you should forget that you are actually just running in place when moving.

Every detail in this game was chosen to maximize full body awareness and immersion on top of this motion system.Features Very sophisticated movement system - you mainly move by running in place but this goes way beyond the simple armswinger systems you might know.
Highly optimized network code - not for low bandwidth but for high immersion even with some latency.
Three thrilling game modes:
Attack: Get possession of the ball and throw it through your opponents goal ring.
CTF: Protect your teams ball while trying to steal the enemy ball.
Last Team Standing: There is no ball - just try to slice the entire opposing team to score. Pretty smart bots with 5 different strengths for all types of players. They not only make good adversaries but are also good team mates.
Very comfortable voting system. The complete setup of a server can be controlled by the players - the majority decides.
Voice Chat with multiple emission modes:
Near proximity chat: You can always hear players close to you with no obstacles between you and them.
Team Chat: Exchange valuable information with your team mates over greater distances.
Announce Mode: This is mainly to convince all players in the game to vote for a poll. Spatialized 3d sound - hear the exact position of the footsteps of your opponents. If a disc nearly missed you, know exactly how tight it has just been.
Simple low poly graphics for butter-smooth gaming (nobody wants hickups in the middle of a match deciding 5 on 5 showdown) but realistic lightning for immersion.


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