RailRoadVR (PC)

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Julio 19, 2019

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  • Textos en inglés
A Simple VR Arcade Style Rail Shooter

Early Access - Fully Playable Levels

Enjoy taking turns with your friends with this twin gun shooter
A range of themed levels including;

  • Halloween Theme: Simple!! Just shoot all of the pumpkins!
  • Western Theme: Shoot all bottles, explosives and other objects to gain points and coins
  • Snow Theme: The snowmen have stolen of the gifts! Retake as many gifts as you can, destroy the snowmen before they take them back from you!

Still to come;
  • More themed levels Pyramids, Mine-Carts, Sci-fi Drones? Broomsticks?
  • Easter Eggs!
  • Steam Achievements

For best experience, put a chair in the middle of your play space and align chair to the game vehicle while in the menu screen.


Lights and Clockwork




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