VRLab Academy : Anatomy VR (PC)

VRLab Anatomy is an interactive human anatomy atlas. Explore 8 human anatomical systems in the futuristic lab. You can see them all in the human body. All without leaving your room

This application is a great learning tool, showing realistic models of human anatomy. As well as displaying 8 body systems that can be easily turned on and off. Navigate between them to see how each organ fits together. Each system is carefully crafted for the best viewing experience. See the intricate design of the human cardiovascular system or wonders of the human skeleton.

This App teaches trough fun. If you want to get ahead in your biology studies, learn, or just observe the wonders of the human body. if you ever wanted to hold a heart, or breathing lungs in your hand. or to see neurons travel through the brain, then this app is for You.

Body systems Include
- Muscular System
- Skeletal System
- Urinary System
- Digestive System
- Lymphatic system
- Cardiovascular System
- System ventilators
- Nervous System

- Ability to take your hands and inspect organs of the human body
- Experience cutting edge graphics in VR
- See the human body dispear and appear before your very eyes
- See inner workings of selected systems; including the brain, Lungs. Heart and other
- Navigate in fully 3D futuristic Lab


VRLab Academy



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