Dement (PC)

The town of Wolfvale has many secrets. Located in a mountainous region of Washington, the people are generally pleasant and kind. However, in the small neighboring town of Quiet Mountain, a girl living with her father has seen what lies beneath the mask.


She isn't popular at school. She doesn't have many friends. Her home is not as safe as a home should be, especially since her adopted older sibling Ash has moved out. Despite everything, she is a cheerful girl with an upbeat and caring personality. At least until she realized she is being followed - by an individual, and an organization. Perhaps the two are related? Lily can't say for certain, but she knows she isn't safe.

She is to move in with Ash in the friendly Twin Elms Apartments, seated on the edge of the town of Wolfvale. She visits often. She is unknowingly visited often.

In the woods of Quiet Mountain, the organization that is following her is sworn to defend against the darkness of these woods. It seeps into the lives of all who dwell within the towns of Quiet Mountain and Wolfvale. They can see a darkness growing around her.

The lone individual, Taylor, follows Lily as well... but for more nefarious purposes. Obsession. Desire. A want to belong in her life.

Lily is taken. The world is a darker place now, and the people are not as kind as they once were....

A mysterious book, a missing girl, and corrupted creatures all intertwine into a dark adventure to recover someone you love.
In a world twisted by unknown forces, reality is only what you perceive it to be.

A compelling story exploring the concepts of perception and reality.
Fast combat with melee weapons and firearms.
Many enemy types with variants, from creatures that resemble something human and others... with more teeth.
Rich environments to explore, from the open ended town of Wolfvale to the sunken interiors of buildings.
Unlock new fast travel points in the form of subway platforms, as well as another (more mysterious) way to get around....
Gain access to new areas and new places in old areas with the use of tools.
Discover interesting characters with their own stories to tell, or who might be willing to barter.
Uncover healing items, ammo, money, and other items of interest hidden throughout the world.
Solve puzzles to escape from dangerous areas.


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