Escape Legacy - Demo (Android)

Escape Legacy takes puzzle games to the next level, with next generation graphics focusing on realism and high-detail never seen before on Virtual Reality Games!

Current Version Contains Chapter 1.

Player takes control of Erica, an archeologist who follows the adventurous steps of her grandfather. Your job is to find, collect and reveil the secrets of those ancient scrolls. Explore all escape rooms, solve puzzles, find items and escape before time run's out and compete with players from all over the world!


- Fully Animated True First Person Character
- Puzzles and Items Change Every Time you Play
- Amazing Console like Game Graphics
- 10 Levels with 80+ Rooms to explore (Store Version)
- Over 10 Hours of Gameplay (Store Version)
- Challenging Puzzles
- Thrilling Music and Sound Effects
- Player Interactive Gaming Enviroment
- Intelligent Inventory System
- Unique Scoring system with Global Scoreboards
- Compatible will all Bluetooth Gamepads


Storming Tech


Storming Tech



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