7 Lives (PC)

7 lives is a fantastic tale. A near death experience on a subway platform in Tokyo takes you to a strange world. You access memories and fear of people around you. You have to pass into each of their minds and help them to find peace. Created by the film maker Jan Kounen and the game designers Charles Ayats and Sabrina Calvo, 7 lives explores universal emotions, beyond words.

The experience offers :
- a metaphysical and sensory journey through dimensions that remain usually invisible
- a strong visual experience, mixing live action and real time
- an interactive navigation based on gaze and sound, within the film.

7 lives is being produced by Red Corner, France Télévisions, a_Bahn and Frakas Productions, with the support of the CNC, the Film Fund Luxembourg, the Belgian Tax Shelter, Wallimages and Creative Wallonia.

It is part of Virtual Arcade, the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival’s VR selection.


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Junio 20, 2019

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