The Surreal Imaginarium (PC)

Enter "The Surreal Imaginarium", a virtual gallery full of other-worldy interactive paintings waiting for you to unlock their secrets. Explore the 23 paintings that inhabit the Day Gallery, the Interdimensional Journey, and the Night Gallery, as you activate their varied and colorful animations, sounds and effects.

All artwork and production by Ignacio Farias

WARNING: This experience, as psychedelic as it is, may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Explorer's discretion is advised.

PS: Even though it is designed as a standing experience, because of some programming bug, you must start the game sitting down so the camera is at the right height.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
1 - Day Gallery
2 - Day Gallery Bridge
3 - Interdimensional Journey
4 - Night Gallery
9 - Final Painting


Eternal Echoes


Eternal Echoes



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Junio 5, 2019

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