The Copper Canyon Shoot-Out (PC)

Consisting of frantic gun based combat set in a Wild West themed world overrun by hostile robots, the game offers an instant action experience played from standing or sitting. The player must fight through one of three semi-linear paths, each area featuring relentless waves of enemies, becoming progressively more challenging.

Using dual-wield weapons, multiple enemies can be engaged at once, giving the game a real Wild West shoot-out atmosphere. A final boss presents different challenges depending on the chosen route through the game and must be defeated in stages, destroying limbs and body parts.

Depending on play style, a run through the whole game (taking all three optional paths and boss fights) will take 60-90 minutes.

- Colourful and stylised Wild West era world
- Three unique environments – The Town, Desert Canyon and Crystal Power Mines
- Shoot enemies to pieces
- Dual wield weapons in any combination
- Explodey robots
- Old Timey Western soundtrack


Black Dragon Studios