FPS + Esport + VR + Free to Play

Join the Solar System's battlefields and fight as the Earth Force, The Awakens or the Skimmers faction in a competitive fast-paced FPS. Gather your team in Team Deathmatch mode to overtake a space ship crash site on Mars, play solo against other players in a FFA match on the Lunar Astroport or take control of ancient artefacts playing Domination mode in the Ruins Bay.

Join the Fight Now!Core Gameplay 100% competitive gameplay - only skill matters.
Realistic manipulation and futurist gun fighting
Fight all over the solar system, indoor and outdoor.
Play solo or with friends in various multiplayer modes - 2 to 8 players.
No ingame static HUD, all elements and information are integrated in VR.
Regular updates of content (maps, weapons, features)
eSport focus with competitions and events with VR Arcade placesYou own or know a VR place which doesn't propose AFTER-H, contact-us on After-H dot com.Current State (ea - June 2018) Two Maps : The Cliff / Ruins Bay
Two Weapons : M1016 (assault rifle) & The Needle (precision rifle)
Three game modes : Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All and Domination
Complete UI/UX to create/join games
Basic settings to change name, calibrate size, sound, motion sickness sensibility
Can be played with both left and right hand
Navigate in menus in Desktop or VR, it's up to you.
Multiple languages: English & French (more coming)
Complete OBSERVATOR system with player view, free cam, HUD ect...
Complete Overlay for streamers including important information of the current game.
To make the game has smooth as possible during the early access, games will be opened. You can join every games even if they are already started.What are we working on? Account system with experience, progression, rewards and ranked games/leaderboards.
More gameplay/features like abilities, tactical skills, social actions...
More maps on Earth, Io, in space...
More weapons like a shotgun, a support riffle...
Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR


SmartVR Studio


SmartVR Studio



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