Anceder Go (Android)

Anceder is an arcade shoot-them-up (shmup, bullet hell). Choose your ship and try to make the best score you can.

- Play the five worlds in a row to make a high score.
- Original musics. Music are level-long (no repetitive loops).
- Easy, normal and hard mode. You won't unlock anything in easy mode. You'll make huge scores in hard mode.

- Try the fury mode for an even faster game.
- In English or French (texts & voices). If you reach 3 millions, you can even set the voices in Goa'Uld (see your success list).
- Optimized for Oculus Go
- Playable with joypad or remote
- Scores saved worldwide (if connected to the internet). You can set initials to each score to compare with your visiting friends.
- You can play lying in bed (see options menu or pause menu).

"Insert coin".
"Winners don't use drugs".

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Cedric Andreu


Cedric Andreu