ZoCo: Zombie Shooting Adventure (PC)

“This game undoubtedly provides the best VR experience ever!
It is breathtaking, awesome, and unparalleled.
If you’re a VR game lover, you must have it.”

Awestrucking Experience Guaranteed
Experience mind-boggling journey to defeat Necromancer!
Lock your horns with zombies, cut and thrust evil creatures, and come out victorious.
Save your girlfriend in a fierce battle with astounding weapons and never-seen-before surroundings.
Go through the incessant combat to have a freaking awesome experience!

Spree Of Adventure
Your girlfriend has been kidnapped by Necromancer, the custodian of evil and dark worlds. He’s turned creature of this world into zombies too. You have to fight all these creature moving in a roller coaster with different weapons and save your girlfriend.

Filled With Abound Thrill
Kill zombies and other creatures to score more, as they surround you from everywhere. You have limited ammunition with different weapons.


Ojas VR Studios


Ojas VR Studios



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Marzo 26, 2019

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