On Target VR Darts (PC)

On Target VR Darts is a realistic physics-based darts simulation.

Oculus Touch controllers capture real world variables such as velocity and release angle to create a very accurate throwing mechanic.

Customize the components of your darts from tip to flight to alter the weight and balance of your dart.

Play in Freethrow mode to get the hang of things, or play a game of 501/301 vs AI with 5 difficulty levels.

The Jukebox features upcoming Indie artists from around the globe. Thanks to Threes Away from Austin, Texas for getting us started!

Full release coming in Spring 2019! Including multiplayer, achievements and leader boards, new environments, new dart pieces, new Indie music selections, playable Air Hockey, and new dart games. Oculus Quest and Vive support are currently in the works as well.


Colugo Productions Inc.


Steam Oculus

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Marzo 8, 2019

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