Project Aeronaut (PC)

Take to the skies in Project Aeronaut, a made-for-VR game that puts you in the virtual shoes of a superhero. Use your hand-mounted thrusters to fly across the battlefield in an intuitive style of VR movement that has never been seen before. Wield an arsenal of wrist-mounted weaponry to battle swarms of deadly robots, tanks, and drones across multiple modes.

-Smoothly transition from flight to multiple types of ground-based movement, including Teleport, Armswinger, and Touchpad locomotion.

-Face the hordes in the Arena or train for accuracy and speed at the Time Trials.

-Use your blaster, missiles and lasers to clear the skies.

-Boost, hover, and dodge through the air in a flying super suit.

-Shoot down missiles and evade flak clouds to defend your objective.

-Master the skies to become a true Aeronaut!


Acción indie


Adam Puckette


Adam Puckette



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Diciembre 18, 2018

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