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Right now you can visit the NYAA Virtual Gallery, which was created on Unity with all the art pieces shot in the Cappasity 3D View format. You will be able to see how our format seamlessly merges with a real 3D environment.

Cappasity and the New York Academy of Art have partnered to research the ways of fast and qualitative production of virtual museums, galleries, and exhibitions. The gained experience will help convert online visitors into physical ones and bring the exhibit to those who for some reason are unable to attend.

Creating a 3D image of any piece is a simple 3-step process: shoot the chosen object with a digital camera, upload the result into Cappasity platform to get a 3D View and once it’s ready, embed it into anything you wish, be it website, mobile or 3D/AR/VR application. Besides the simplicity of use Cappasity software is also very fast, in fact, it is ten times faster in 3D production than any known 3D technology and doesn’t require any specific equipment.

“I can see this in the future being a platform that every art school is going to want to use. We really think that this is a gamechanger not only for educational environments but also for working artist and galleries,” comments Peter Drake, Provost of the New York Academy of Art.

A question that artists may feel the need to ask is whether all types of materials can be visualized in 3D. The answer is a resounding yes. Sculptors working in papier mache, in stone or cast metals will experience no difficulties with digitalization thanks to the Cappasity 3D imaging technology.

“Cappasity (software) is a great tool for 3D artists. It allows them to give you a real sense for the work spatially … to show it in a dynamic way that looks much more professional and innovative,” — says Holly Frisbee, Director of Library and Special Collections of the New York Academy of Art.


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