Lost On The Island (PC)

Lost on the Island is the first open world VR travel experience that offers a stunning feeling of presence on an island with the most breathtaking atmospheres and the most immersive and enjoyable vacation experience.

Here are some activities that you can experience during your vacation:

- For the first time you will have the opportunity to try a teleportation machine like a hero in a sci-fi movie
- Dive and explore the deep ocean rich with colorful fish and underwater fauna and flora
- Climb and Jump into the water from high cliffs and rocks
- Swim and play with dolphins
- Play hide and seek with turtle
- Chill or mediate in an atmosphere of tranquility by the beach or by the water falls
- Discover the beauty of the island by the sunset, dawn, day and night time
- Immerse yourself in the ambisonic sound of the nature : waves, water falls, wind and birds
- Flirt with a myriad of colorful butterflies

VR holidays have never been so real.


Immersive Time Machine Inc.


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