BALSA Model Flight Simulator (PC)

Balsa is a unique Model Flight Simulator where you can design, build, and fly model aircraft.

Designed from the ground up for VR, Balsa lets you fully experience the thrill of model aviation in a way no other simulator does. Use your Touch controllers to grab your vehicles, hand launch them, and fly in completely immersive, fully 3D, explorable sceneries.

The in-game Vehicle Editor allows you to build anything you can imagine using a collection of parts, that snap together in a hands-on, intuitive way.

The physics-based flight model ensures your designs behave realistically as they fly (and crash).

Multiplayer is fully supported. Join other virtual pilots and fly together in flight sessions supporting up to 16 players.

Moddable to Extremes. Balsa was designed from the start to support mods.

Balsa is the second game from the creator of Kerbal Space Program, the multiple-award-winning space flight simulator.


Floating Origin Studios Ltd


Oculus Steam

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