Hardlight Blade (Android)

Hardlight Blade is an arcade-style hack and slash arena game. Use the controller like a real sword to swing and cut through robotic enemies.

- Wield sci-fi weapons and slice up robots. They dynamically split into pieces based on your motions! Slice them quickly with the blade, or fling your axe at them, you have multiple options for taking down these bad bots.
- Deflect laser blasts right back at your foes, and block their swords as they attempt to cut you up too!
- Free movement! Use the touchpad to move around the arena to escape, engage or dodge enemies. (If you're prone to motion sickness, the game can be played entirely stationary)
- Global Leaderboard for each difficulty level

-RHYTHM MODE (BETA) : Rip through blocks of notes coming at you to the beat of the music! Play 5 bumpin' tracks or use your own mp3 files!

Face down these insidious bots and aim for the high score. Pass the headset around to your friends and see who can survive the longest!







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