The Coast (Android)

Let your mind wander and your body groove as The Coast takes you on a breathtaking musical journey with the Montreal-based group Valaire.

Enjoy their breezy sound as you surf through a vibrant 360 landscape coming alive. With the sun rising over a peculiar beach, the music lifts you off and you slowly escape the tyranny of gravity.

Spiraling gently around a strange moving shape, you’re set for a rhythmic and mesmerizing trip where anything is possible: starfish keep the beat, trumpet flowers resonate and cactus balloons flow along with the tempo.

As the music goes on and the sun sets, the experience provokes a mystifying sense of happiness and you can’t help but sing in unison “Set us free” while gazing at the starlit sky.

Side effects may include:
-A heartwarming feeling, but no sunburn.
-A grin stuck to your face.
-A strong case of dancing feet.

The Coast is an experience that showcases the eponymous song by Valaire, from their 2016 album Oobopopop.







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