A Legend Begins (PC)

A simple, “Rescue the damsel in distress” task soon snowballs into much more in this action based RPG experience. Will skill, courage and a very big hammer (along with a few special abilities) win the day for what is right and just? Or will our hero’s story be cut short as he faces hordes of undead enemies? Choose your tactics carefully and be the defender of the innocent, saviour of the oppressed and general all round hero. Alternatively you could just die without a trace.

Explore a highly detailed world while dodging flaming arrows, avoiding very big (and sharp) swords, and trying to figure out what is going on. Understand when to use and a particular ability against an enemy, and with such wisdom you will succeed. Fail in your task and no relief will come to an oppressed people. Where is your courage? Where is skill? Where is your desire to hammer lots of foes into the ground? An adventure waits!


Acción Casual rpg


Nick Harle


Nick Harle



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Septiembre 14, 2018

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