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Septiembre 11, 2018

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fpsVR is a utility application for SteamVR that show VR session's performance counters in SteamVR Overlay window inside VR.

Features include:

  • Display of the current FPS
  • Display of average FPS for VR session
  • Display of the GPU & CPU usage (and Max CPU/Thread Usage - the maximum instantaneous usage among all threads/cores in the system)
  • Display of the GPU & CPU frametimes
  • Display of the Ratio of reprojected frames to presented frames
  • Display of the number of dropped frames
  • Display of the current time and duration of the VR session
  • SteamVR Supersampling settings
  • SteamVR Reprojections settings (Reprojections settings not working with current beta of SteamVR)
  • Display the status of the microphone
  • Microphone control: mute / unmute
  • Two overlay sizes: Normal / Big
  • Ability to change the opacity of the overlay window, from 50% to 100%, with step of 10%
  • Ability to attach the overlay window to the bottom of the controller or under the controller
  • Ability to attach the overlay window to left or right controller
  • Ability to attach the overlay window to left or right side for seated position in seated games/apps (for auto/flight-sims)
  • Automatically start fpsVR when SteamVR starts (optional)
  • Automatically minimize the window after start (optional)
  • Hide the window to Windows tray in minimized state (optional)
  • Ability to hide the overlay window
  • Ability to reset statistics at any time for benchmarking/testing
  • Ability to save the history of VR sessions and view it in the fpsVR History Viewer (included)

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