Draoi (PC)

The Draoi survive, day by day, in the harsh land, An Domhan. Magic is your only defence against monsters, demons, beasts and occasionally even your neighbours.

You live in a small cottage, far from the cutthroat madness where you’ll need to use your magical skills in your fight to stay alive. For now, you will visit the town, Baile An Dagda, meet other Draoi, learn new spells and venture on through the dangerous realms in An Domhan. Compete against other Draoi, practice your skills and earn both respect and fear.

In our world, you can:

Cast spells by carving them in the air with your bare hands. Spells are more powerful for the Draoi that can cast them with the precision and flair of only the mightiest practitioners. If you were born to do this, your enemies will know it.
Experience the power as you summon elemental forces and unleash destruction on your enemies, heal your allies and protect what is yours (nothing better than flying into a battle and spewing a firestorm over your enemies before blasting them off to the horizon with a wave of your hand, hot, smoking and really quite upset)
Enter dangerous battleground arenas, set in the raw landscape of An Domhan, where teams compete to vanquish (and ultimately humiliate) teams of lesser Draoi.
Talk to those around you or coordinate with your team as you explore and battle.
Show off your command of magic while you explore the beauty of Domhan to practice, fly, duel, conjure objects, create adhoc games with other Draoi and revel in the sensation of fluid magical power.
This is no game. Fight to survive. Become the best. Stay alive. Win.

Draoi, take your place in An Domhan.


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