People Cu3ed (PC)

If you like VR, love Humour and want an experience where you are very much not a normal 'virtual' person you need to try People Cu3ed!

It's a VR experience like no other! You'll find yourself transformed out of your normal human body, and embodying the leader of the 3rd dimensions entry into the '21,999th Inter-Dimensional Games'. Not heard of these? Well it has been a while since the 3rd dimension hosted them...

You'll find yourself using your brain, your reactions, and your friends to navigate through the 40 levels of the games - hopefully, to win back your full human form - if, you can earn it.

So join Sara, Becky, 'The Twins', Henry, Agnes and their daughter 'Baby Suzie' to represent your whole dimension - and conquer 'the games'!

So let the games... Begin...


- Social Strategic View: A rare social experience in VR.

- Innovative VR Embodiment Experience: Not just another virtual version of real life...

- Over 20 hours of gameplay in one pass - and infinite replayability!

- Action-Adventure-Puzzles: A great balance between making your heart pound and your head ache!


Whitway Studios


Whitway Studios