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Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China Virtual Mirror Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., to product as the core concept for the majority of VR enthusiasts to provide professional products experience.

1. Provide popular VR applications, VR interior design ordinary people, professionals, VR enthusiasts use a simple operation, bringing an immersive feeling
2. For the crowd: ordinary people, professionals, VR interior design enthusiasts
3. Subsequent VR interior design software will be updated
4. Applies to: commercial real estate projects, allowing users to watch the type of personal experience, experience dazzling and colorful VR interior design
5. Support Chinese and English switching
6. Enjoy it!

VR_ Interior Design Expert Latest Version (Upgrade Version) Add New Features
"Cycle button": Seeing the cycle button in the software is mostly used to refresh the data
"Withdrawal of Destruction List": Shooting Created House Button -> Withdraw Destruction List (showing the type/furniture after destruction) -> Shooting List to withdraw the apartment/furniture
Once there is a unit in the decoration area, it is not possible to withdraw the unit type again. Cancel the left-hand trigger to restore the destroyed apartment/furniture function. Keep the left hand trigger to restore the destroyed material
"Language": Provides 2 languages for switching, Chinese/English
"Operating Interface": The interface is upgraded, simple but not vulgar, more clear and fresh.
"Scene": Provides 4 different scene switching, in different scenes, enjoy the fun of designing a layout. The scenes are: default scene, space, snow, forest.
"Export Apartment": Export directory: C:/ExportHouse/, which is divided into categories according to the type of the house (for example: room1/household file and apartment map file), and can be imported into 3DMax and other 3D modeling software for viewing.
"Music": Offering 11 music, you can listen to beautiful pop music when designing a layout
"Magnifying glass": specifically for the camera, the old version upgrade, to provide a list of photos to view, view the number of photos, after taking a photo can press the refresh button in the upper right corner, see the current number of shots, the upper left corner of the export button to export, export path: C:/ CaptureImage/, there are a few photos reserved, but also can be exported

Provide professional VR interior design units, bring you a super experience of DIY, download back, build their own units.





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