Frankenstein: Beyond the Time (PC)

The Story
What if I told you that I could take you to a place like no other? No, it is not a world of fantasy nor a faraway land. I can show you a place where ethics and restraints do not apply. Where mind can be infinite and deeds are not subject of judgment. It’s all about time. Time doesn’t care about anything. Indifferent to humanity. Passes aimlessly. Why? Because only we see it that way. But here… here it lives its own life, creates its unique world. A place where time is only a moving image of surroundings. A home of the most powerful artifact and the birth of the Monster.

Become a part of a discovery quest taking place in Dr. Frankenstein’s mansion, where all the items, furnishing and decoration remained intact after the doctor’s death. Your task is to solve Dr. Frankenstein's greatest mystery. In many places around the house, you can find the old notes and sketches, which gathered together, can show you the way to possibly mastering the time. The more you learn about Dr. Frankenstein's experiment, the more frightening and mysterious the story becomes. The Artifact has created a time loop, it constantly affects the surroundings - everything you move, goes back to its previous place after the loop closes. The only way to break the time circle is to finish the current stage before the Artifact activates again.

Abandon the understanding of time as known to humanity. Take on an adventure in a place where nothing will change unless you make it. When you get there, your senses will suddenly stop. The deranged thoughts of Dr. Frankenstein will haunt your mind. The only thing that matters is to finish his last masterpiece. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. Become the time master and continue Dr. Frankenstein’s legacy!

After two hundred years, Doctor Frankenstein’s legacy will reach a whole new level!The game aims at the innovative use of Virtual Reality with a well-known hidden object model combined with the fight against running time. Placing these mechanisms in the world inspired by novels about Dr. Frankenstein provides a unique gameplay in the adventure and dynamic world. The more we learn about mad scientist's experiment, the more frightening and mysterious the story becomes.

What makes the game so immersive is a very detailed surrounding. From a huge whale skeleton to a tiny vial - everything is highly refined to bring the most realistic experience. Also, the weather conditions with realistic lighting and water reflection, giving a dynamic environment that changes to more dramatic during further stages of gameplay. Scenario and main characters are based only on the novel written by Mary Shelley, combined with our own original ideas. Rather than showing the theatrical version of Frankenstein’s story we create our own, beyond the time universum.Key Featurescrazy time loop - fight against running time
ca. 4 hours of gameplay
thousand of highly-refined objects
hundreds square meters of scenes
crafting simulations
dynamic environment with changing weather conditions
original soundtrack
dozens of monologues explaining the plot and building a tension throughout a gameplay


The Dust S.A.


The Dust S.A.


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