Science:The world is in your hands (PC)

A Sci-Fi futuristic modern take on technology and its evolution which can be potentially used to save the world. This game will test the way you think to complete various tasks which will eventually leave you to your final goal of saving earth and all living things. The game-play the player will experience is of realistic situations, meaning the tasks the game will produce are of a challenging nature composed of figuring out puzzles and completing tasks to reactivate the Scientists Laboratory. All this so that the ultimate goal can be completed saving planet earth.

Follow Drone Bots directions (or don't!) to solve puzzles and complete missions in this fully voice acted adventure.

-Throw, and smash iconic items like the DNA Sequences.
-Teleport around rooms.
-Entertaining conversations with Drone Bot
-Assemble Drone Bot peace by peace.


Panayotis Lampitsakis



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Junio 23, 2018

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