Walk on Arrow (PC)

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Julio 27, 2018

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About this game

Walk on Arrow takes place in a cyber-punk landscape in the space colony far from earth.

In the near future, human start its space colony project and with the expansion of human colonies, there comes a war between human and aliens.

As preparing for the war, a training project is launched. It is called “Walk on Arrow” and it challenges 10 participants to survive the radiation and fight to the death.

Key Features

- Realistic Archery Experience

Most advanced bow and arrow physic.
Draw back your bow with your own hands, no script animation.
You can add carefully calibrated sight to your bow, enables you to hit enemy in the distance, just like in the real world.

- Fast-Paced Game

A game average lasts 3-5 minutes, no dull camping.

- Unique bows and arrows to use
Each have its advantage and disadvantage; use them in a clever way!


Chesstar Studios


Chesstar Studios


Steam Oculus


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