Ghostly Summerwind (PC)

Ghostly Summerwind is a casual game of exploration with some scares. The game started out as a project to reconstruct the mansion of Summerwind in VR for people to explore. Achievements were added to the game to give the player some things to find and a larger area to explore. Getting 4 achievements unlocks a church area with a single short quest. Getting 8 achievements unlocks the graveyard with a big surprise. Ghostly Summerwind has 4 endings. The 4th ending can only be achieved after 8 achievements are reached. Total playing time is around 1.5 hrs., if you know where to look. But we hope players take their time to explore. Some Easter Eggs have been sprinkled into the game for those who know some of the lore of Summerwind. Preston Jong Productions, Inc. plans to develop games like Ghostly Summerwind aimed at a younger gamer audience (early teens). We want to promote exploration, solving puzzles and having a fun time in a safe VR environment with a few fun scares.



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Junio 13, 2018

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