Virus (PC)

Virus is a single-player action game where players face off against increasingly difficult waves of zombies across a variety of immersive environments. Players will have numerous weapons, traps, perks, and power-ups to assist their survival. With limited lighting and ammo, repairable defense barriers, sector-based maps, objective-oriented rounds, and a player bank, players will need to manage a multitude of resources and priorities in order to survive each thrilling, dynamic, free-locomotion battle.

  • Free locomotion room-scale game-play
  • Challenging single-player survival game-mode
  • Dynamic AI and enemy spawn system for progressive challenge and variety
  • 3 wave game-play types (Survival, DNA, Mini-Boss)
  • Player bank system for purchasing weapons and perks, unlocking map sectors, and activating traps
  • Numerous weapons with dual grip functionality
  • Limited lighting, minimal HUD, and authentic audio for thrilling immersion
  • Power-ups and perks to aid the battle
  • Repairable defense barriers to help slow down the enemy
  • Player stats


Patrick Montiel


Patrick Montiel




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