Towards a Perilous Journey (PC)

In charge of a squad of two ships, face the many enemies scattered throughout your adventure.

This adventure, let's talk about it. Sometimes by day, sometimes by night, you will progress through colorful environments, tinged with a predominantly electro musical atmosphere. The adventure is composed of 25 different chronicles, each conceived around a dedicated music. Accuracy, dodge and coordination will be the main ingredients of this perilous journey.Energy ManagementThis game was imagined around a core gameplay mechanic: the manipulation of Energy. Energy is easily gained by destroying your enemies, but it is just as easily lost when one of the ships is hit. Energy will allow you to merge your ships when the danger is too present. Energy is also required to activate your secondary attack and defense systems. Finally, Energy is intimately related to your final score, which enables you to build skills by improving the weapons of your ships. The only limitation to Energy recovery is yourself.Game ModesTwo game modes are available. If you prefer short gaming sessions, you may browse each of the 25 chronicles individually. On the contrary, if you want to start a long session and if you like the challenge, you should try the Journey mode which takes you through all of the chronicles. Be careful though, if one of your ships is destroyed, it will become inaccessible until the end of the Journey. Will you be able to escape unscathed?Game Music TracksThe musical playlist of Towards a Perilous Journey is composed of 25 meticulously selected tracks, in agreement with their respective authors.

Andre Jetson - Fly (Vivaldi)
Andre Jetson - Caprisqui (Vivaldi)
Andre Jetson - Fly 2 (Vivaldi)
Andre Jetson - Title (Vivaldi)
Broke For Free - Night Owl (Directionless EP)
Broke For Free - Day Bird (Directionless EP)
Broke For Free - Calm The Fuck Down (Slam Funk)
Broke For Free - The Great (Slam Funk)
Broke For Free - Something Galactic (Something EP)
Michett - Snap
Nihilore - The Other (The Hermeneutic Circle)
Nihilore - The Dining Dead (Titan)
Nihilore - Captain Socrates (Titan)
Pierlo - Venga Bus (Olivetti Prodest)
Pierlo - Deleuze (Olivetti Prodest)
Pierlo - Barbarian (Olivetti Prodest)
Simon Mathewson - Metal (Some dance tracks)
Six Umbrellas - Rise (Ad Astra)
Six Umbrellas - Runner (The Psychedelic And)
Six Umbrellas - Monster (The Psychedelic And)
Six Umbrellas - The Psychedelic And (The Psychedelic And)
Six Umbrellas - Zombie Disco (The Psychedelic And)
Six Umbrellas - This Is For You (This Is For You)
Stereofloat - Japanese Tunnel (Essentials)
Stereofloat - Looper (Looper)


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