Galactic Tanks (PC)

The most dangerous battlefields ever all over the Universe.

Galactic Tanks is great free-to-play MMO game with real-time PvP battles dedicated to armored machines for players all over the world. Throw yourself into intense battles against other players. Customize your heavy fantastic tank by combining guns, hulls and protective modules, and face smart AI and real players in different game modes. Decide to run on for fast attack or stay back and make your strategy to destroy enemy in the silent.

Key features:
Play against other player from all around the world, invite your friends and make new ones,
Customize, develop and upgrade your vehicles,
Choose your strategy and game mode: play fast action or use your brain, plan and attack in secret,
Dedicated to play for small or big teams,
Variety of different Worlds from small to very big ones,
Modern and beautiful graphics.
A variety of beautiful Universe locations and engaging gameplay — join the game and Command your vehicle! Find out more about the fascinating world of Galactic Tanks!



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Diciembre 10, 2018

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