Warp League Basketball (PC)

Warp League is basketball with guns. In VR!

Play 3v3 basketball on a futuristic battlefield! Choose a unique character, and use their special combat abilities to make big plays on the court!

Earn points by shooting hoops or by shooting enemies. Can your team score the most points in 10 minutes?

Warp League is a hero shooter designed to be an accessible, competitive, and immersive VR experience!Which character will you be?Cannon: This healer also has a rocket launcher!!!
Belchur: Use deployable turrets and grenades to control where the front is!
Blitz: Zip around shooting disc mines everywhere. Deploy strategic beacons your teammates can teleport to!
Imp: Throw powerful fireballs at your opponents, or sneak up on them and unleash a deadly blaster!
Ratface: deliver long range payloads to the enemy, or just-in-time lifesavers to your allies! Or just deploy your nuke...
Cobra: Trap enemies in your Disruptor bubble and deliver devastating headshots!







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