Teacher's Lens Beta (PC)

Teacher's Lens Beta
Teacher's Lens Beta
Teacher's Lens Beta is an Oculus Launch Pad winning project that strives to mitigate unconscious bias in classroom education. This is the first virtual reality app to translate the Harvard Implicit Association Test (IAT) into a game play simulation. Future iterations will include game training modules using proven methods in immersive experiences shown to reduce social biases.

Decades of research have revealed that teacher expectations on student directly correlate to student performance with long term impacts on education, career, and overall life trajectory. Unfortunately, research also shows that teachers systematically have lower expectations of female and students of color.

When these biases are left unchecked, consequences impact the STEM pipelines and "School to Prison" Pipelines. Traditional methods of diversity training have been largely proven to be ineffective. Debias VR believes VR technology has capacity more effectively approach measurable, debiasing solutions.


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Mayo 25, 2018

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