VR Escape The Puzzle Room (PC)

This is a VR supported Game, you can walk and interact with everything with your handle.
You will stand in a strange room, and must find the clue and solve the puzzles to escape.
Be careful, so you won't miss any useful object in the room.
And also be patient,if you feel confused , just try to "destroy" something in the room.
Don't hesitate, put on your VR headset and be a detective in this virtual world.

Most of the objects in this room is interactive,some are useful to solve the puzzle,such as the mirror,the clock,the PC,etc.while others are just for fun.
But that is all I can tell you. It is important and also joyful to gather up all the clues and escape from the room by yourself.

1,If you really stuck in the game, press "menu" button and you can find help content
2,Sometimes, when you make everything in a mess, it will be hard to find some thing, you can just restart the game
3,You can change the language,the game support Chinese and English


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Septiembre 20, 2017

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