Armed Warrior VR (PC)

* Synopsys
With medieval fantasy background, users become medieval knights and adventure with various weapons. The magic warden Ahn opens the doors of the Asmodians and the Asmodians are resurrected. The voodoo worshipers of the Asmodians systematically attack the holy city of Headston, and the power of the Asmodians becomes stiffer. You must be an amm master to deal with all weapons.

* Playing method
The player can head-track through the VR device and manipulate the character's detailed control with a joystick or dedicated controller.
The hero learns weapons such as swords, shields, bows and guns, defeating the enemies and becoming a true warrior.

* How to play
The game support HTC Vive / Ocules and Fully compliant with the controller.
The game screen is first-person view, and can be switched to the third person viewpoint. Minimizes the VR UI and optimizes the UI for each platform.

* Feature
- There are 13 kinds of monsters. (Ogre, Sauris, Skeleton, etc.)
- Weapons can use various forms of swords, shields, and bows.
- You can use a large catapult for siege.
- There are a total of five skills.
- There are 15 maps of various and interesting forms. and more high harder level map.
- You must block the monsters' attacks from near, long distance, and left and right.
- If you attack with precise timing, you will be able to defeat the rock breaker and play the game advantageously.
- The power of the bow differs according to the bow's aiming method, so you must aim carefully and pull the bowstring.

Combine various weapons and skills to conquer each stage!


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