Treasure Bolt (PC)

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Diciembre 18, 2017

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Treasure Bolt is a puzzle time trial game designed to test your mental and physical capabilities in Virtual Reality. Featuring full locomotion driven movement and puzzle strategy. This means you can run, crawl, reach, hit and grab in Virtual Reality without teleportation. The game is multi- themed, giving two different game experiences in one. Test yourself with either a hack and slash sci-fi shooter, or a heist bat-wielding stealth runner.

The game was originally designed as a tool to showcase the HTC VIVE Trackers, winning 2nd place in the 2017 Global VR Hackathon in Shanghai. This game is perfect for demonstrations to show the capabilities of the HTC Vive trackers, with the capability to use two Vive Trackers plus controllers.

This game is perfect for anybody who wants to experience the capabilities of the HTC Vive trackers, full body locomotion movement, or an intense puzzle time-trial. Built to support demonstrations and events.

Gameplay features include:

  • Two separately themed time-trial levels
  • Local scoring system to compete against yourself and your friends.
  • Puzzles and interactions built for tracked motion controllers
  • Full Vive Tracker supported Locomotion movement in running and crawling .
  • Logic and mathematics puzzles
  • Room scale support
  • Quick and easy demo-like/friendly menu systems
  • Physical weapon support (baseball bat and tracker)








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