Struggle For Survival VR : Battle Royale (PC)

Game Background

You will fighting on this island full of civilization remains, face to hostile human and zombies, no one was spared.

The sealed biological weapons accidentally flowed to terrorist organizations. Soon they were used in a long-planned terrorist attack. This led directly to the emergence of a large numbers of virus-infected zombies in several parts of the world.

The situation was out of control. Land and resources for human survival were decreasing. The interim government needs to control the population and choose outstanding warriors, people from protected areas were compelled to participate in a survival match. This was actually a death match. Only the surviving combatants would be eligible for permanent residence.

You need to face not only the bad environment but other contestants who want to eradicate you. Take the best arms to protect yourself, to survive, be unscrupulous. Be careful of the damn zombies, they have no habit of saying hello. Kill or get rid of them, otherwise you will be one of them.1.MapExquisite natural environment, remains of an abandoned civilization, small terrain island features, create a crisis-ridden survival stage.2.WeaponImage of real firearms, firearms with reference to reality, reproduce details equally, weapon operation is simplified for VR devices, multiple types of weapons are available.3.Survival modeGlobal PVP model, average 20 players per round, lasts 8~15 minutes, fast paced, fierce battles, full of variables.4.Sweeper modeThe single player mode included in the game can hone your combat skills, you will be faced with wandering zombies alone on the island. To release your hunting prowess.5.Virtual RealityOptimized for Virtual Reality devices, we invite you to experience this feast.


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