You’ll need more than good aim to make it to the end; Reload to Survive! Welcome to a new kind of shooting game — VR RV—

“VR RV”is a reload-focused shooting game. While most games have a simple reload function, here you will have to empty your spent shells like a real revolver. This may seem like a hassle at first, but it adds to the thrill, reloading amongst a hail of gunfire. Will you be able to prove yourself a real gunman in the heat of battle?

“HTC Vive x Revolver”
Time your attacks against those of your enemies, choose your target, and fire. Don’t forget to empty your cylinder. First-person shooting brought to a new level with the HTC Vive; here your controller becomes your only partner.

“Smart but Bold!”
The ammo crates behind you contain special rounds! You could wipe-out your foes in one shot, if they don’t get you first. Plan your reloads to stay alive, while unleashing powerful attacks. Execute your strategies successfully, and bask in your destructive power.

“Casual VR”
Monochrome comic-style graphics and a unique reload system have been combined with simple, straight-forward game design. VR RV has been optimised to bring you an easy enjoyable experience.


Acción Casual


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