Slamdunk VR (PC)

-This is a VR game that really brings you the shooting experience.
-Accompanied by the music Till the End of World, you can fully display your shooting potential on the virtual playground.
-In the world of VR, your passion towards basketball can be expressed through every time of your shooting, every arc you created, and every drop of your sweat?
-It is fine if you are not good at shooting; we’ve got a powerful physical system that allows everyone to shoot like a NBA star!
-There is an online ranking board providing you an access to a place where you can share your love for basketball with your friends, even people around the world.
-Come on! Show your excellent shooting techniques and your best score to the world!

-The part of game resources are derived from the Internet. If infringement, please contact us immediately!



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Abril 23, 2018

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