Ninjutsu Warrior (Android)

Ninjutsu Warrior
Ninjutsu Warrior
Mashmo Games presents- Ninjutsu Warrior!

You’re a young ninja training under the legendary master Osamu, on a quest to sharpen your skills with the sword. Slice fresh fruits, avoid rotten ones and complete objectives in each level as you progress through your training to become a legendary Ninjutsu warrior.

Let's begin, young ninja! It’s time to become the master!

Levels & Gameplay:
- Slice your way through 90 levels of increasing difficulty in ‘Classic’ mode
- Slice as many fruits as you can before time runs out in ‘Time Trial’ mode
- Earn coins and purchase new weapons in the store

- Use your Gear VR with the controller to play
- For the best experience while playing the game, we recommend standing somewhere with enough empty space around you

- Mashmo Games uses your Oculus ID as your profile ID in all Mashmo Games products
- Your purchased and earned coins are synced across all Mashmo products
- You can use them in any Mashmo product for in-app purchases


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