EZ360 Lite (Android)

EZ360 Lite
EZ360 Lite
This the lite version of EZ360. EZ360 makes playing (multiple) videos really easy. You simply put the videos you want to play on your GEAR VR device in the "EZ360" folder on your phone, and start the app. We will take care of the rest. This removes the hassle that Samsung VR brings to playing videos by using a much easier to use interface.

When the headset is on, a video selection screen appears for the user to select a video in. Once the headset is removed, the video resets and the application returns to the selection screen, ready for the next user without having to bother with explaining the touchpad every time someone puts their Gear-VR on.

To purchase the full version or to see instructions please go to http://www.EZ-360.com




Frans Huntink