Bounty Hunter Academy (Android)

Bounty Hunter Academy
Bounty Hunter Academy
A unique blend of adventure, sci fi, teenage rivalry and comedy give flavor to the colorful world of these young wannabe defenders of justice in this outer space virtual reality experience. Just like her mother and all the women of the Heaven clan before her, young Cassandra wishes to become a bounty hunter. Normally calm and in control, today she struggle with immense stress, as she must defend the honor of her family in the last trial that will determine whether or not she’s accepted into the legendary Bounty Hunter Academy. She is team-up with Gael, an optimistic and easy going partner. They are tasked with finding a mysterious target on the hostile world of Morvak-13 but the surface may prove itself too deadly for any of the aspiring students to succeed. Witness the dangerous endeavor through the unique point of view of the Academy's hovering drone-cams as the viewers is immersed in an strange environment filled with gas-leaking fungus, blood-waterfall and explosive meteorite.


Pierre-Luc Boily